Helping Entrepreneurs Thrive

CSNDC is committed to promoting a dynamic economic landscape in Codman Square and South Dorchester where entrepreneurs can launch, stabilize and grow businesses and be resilient to forces of neighborhood change. We offer a variety of services to help small businesses succeed in today’s challenging environment.

Help Getting Started

CSNDC helps develop and support local businesses and entrepreneurs through our initiative called DotBiz. This program is designed for low- and moderate-income residents and business owners and those looking to open a business within the service area. DotBiz is a tiered small business program which utilizes a two-track approach, one for aspiring entrepreneurs and one for existing businesses offered by CSNDC.

The workshop is a comprehensive, 10-session training course that walks students through the requisite components of a business plan and the steps necessary to launch a business. Students leave the class equipped with an “elevator pitch” about their business, increased business acumen, and knowledge of key concepts, such as market analysis, startup costs, time management, bookkeeping, and how to write a business plan.

Upon completing the course, DotBiz graduates have the opportunity to work one-on-one with CSNDC staff to refine their business plan and launch their business.

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Technical Assistance

DotBiz Technical Assistance services are available from CSNDC to business owners who have been operating their business for at least three years. These services feature an analysis-driven process to stabilize or to increase the business’ market share. The model includes a comprehensive intake process, an assessment of baseline data, and a counseling session to develop an individualized action plan. Once the action plan is set, clients work with CSNDC staff to implement the plan on an agreed-upon schedule, with regular check-ins at least once every thirty days.

The goal of the Technical Assistance program is for clients to either stabilize or grow their business revenue over a two-year time horizon. In addition, we aim for the business to either preserve or add employment opportunities and/or accessed capital to grow the business during this timeframe.

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Commercial Leasing

CSNDC is committed to attracting new businesses, commercial activity, and employment opportunities to the Codman Square neighborhood by developing commercial spaces that are safe and sustainable and making those spaces available for lease by local entrepreneurs.

To boost the diversity and resilience of the local economy, we include commercial space in most of our developments and offer affordable lease rates in ground-floor commercial spaces that provide attractive new locations for small businesses. CSNCD currently has 50,000 square feet of commercial property under its management through which we support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other community partners.

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