Helping to Drive Lasting Change for Our Neighborhood

CSNDC takes a multi-disciplinary and network approach to mobilize residents to have their voices heard on some of the city’s most pressing issues, including disparity issues related to income, racism, education, environment, and health care.

Voter Education and Registration

CSNDC believes an active, informed and civically engaged constituency holds the key to securing and sustaining systemic improvements for community while promoting positive outcomes for residents.

In 2018, we launched RAVE (Resist, Advocate, Vote and Educate), an initiative that came out of CSNDC’s Community Organizing Committee efforts. RAVE is a collective of active and engaged Dorchester residents working in coordination with CSNDC staff and board members to host community civic education events, perform voter education and registration, and activate the local electorate.

To learn more about this program, please send us an inquiry through our Contact form.

voter registration

Keeping Codman Affordable (KCSA)

CSNDC collaborates closely with entities throughout the city and region who actively work towards creating equitable access to healthy housing for all.

We launched the Keeping Codman Square Affordable campaign in 2013. The campaign has helped to both understand and inform resident concerns about housing stability and neighborhood change and to counter displacement risks arising from gentrification trends. Our most urgent work today is to combat the threat of wide-scale displacement of current low- and moderate-income residents in CSNDC’s service area in response to housing market pressures and escalating housing prices.

To learn more about this program, please send us an inquiry through our Contact form.