How We Make a Difference

In 2021, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation (CSNDC) will celebrate its 40th year serving Codman Square and South Dorchester.

Throughout this time, we have been working with local residents, businesses, and organizations to foster a healthy, thriving and equitable community by:

  • Developing HOUSING and commercial spaces that are affordable and safe
  • Creating ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY for low- and moderate-income residents of all ages
  • Fostering COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT to build the capacity and involvement of local residents
  • Promoting SUSTAINABILITY of the local environment for future generations

CSNDC serves a two square mile area of Dorchester that is bounded by Columbia Road and Geneva Avenue to the north, Gallivan Boulevard and Morton Street to the south, Blue Hill Avenue to the west, and Dorchester Avenue to the east.

Throughout our history, we have concentrated on physical development in our service area, but in the face of growing concerns about gentrification and displacement – and now the unrest caused by longstanding racial disparities and injustices which are presenting in disproportionate COVID-19 health impacts, economic insecurities and police brutality – we have become increasingly focused on social, economic, political and racial inequities in our neighborhood.

CSNDC Service Area Map