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We are launching an Anti-Racism/Equity Army Academy.

In the wake of the civic unrest caused by centuries of racist policies, CSNDC is launching an Anti-Racism/Equity Army Academy. This is an effort to build a significant base of engaged, grassroots constituents (the Equity Army), to enact positive change through provision of information and education about the root causes of current conditions in our community, based on the facts and history of racism. Our aim is to dismantle racism, through provision of fact-based, historic and current information, and create lasting and positive change for our community. The Anti-Racism/Equity Army Academy will do this through education and through supporting leadership development constituent engagement and action opportunities aimed at dismantling racist and oppressive systems, policies and programs.

We are doing this in the following ways:

Care for the Community

Be the solution.

Engage in anti-racist and Equity Army work by caring for your fellow citizens. Codman Square NDC has a number of community caring engagement opportunities you can participate in.


What is racism?

CSNDC will be hosting a series of Anti-Racism trainings, initially focused on providing factual information about the concept and history of race and racism. Understanding the context and history of racism is an important first step in dismantling it.


Show solidarity.

CSNDC is compiling opportunities for constituents to engage in anti-racism activism and the solidarity movement, via posting information about engagement opportunities such as marches, webinars, and more.

System Change

It’s up to all of us.

All of us must engage and act in ways that challenge and change oppressive systems. CSNDC will work with constituents (the Equity Army) to identify key issues, develop ground-up change efforts, and support constituent leaders to implement these campaigns and effect change.

Anti-Racism Resources

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