July Virtual Workshop Series

July Virtual Workshop Series

Beginning July 13th, to facilitate the acquisition of introductory-level civic engagement skills, with the hope of laying some groundwork for more résumé-transferable advocacy projects/experiences that residents (particularly young adults) can actively take part in shaping, we will be hosting a series of virtual workshops on Wednesdays.

Participants are provided food via DoorDash.

Virtual Meeting/Workshop Schedule: July 13th-27th
Wednesdays, at 6:15PM on Zoom

July 13th If Black Lives Matter, Change the System

  • Let’s be real about this housing crisis: systemic racism is at the heart of it. But how do we move from discussing change–to living it? And what would a “healed” economy look like for Black folks and people of color? Together, we’ll explore pathways toward transformation–and how to advocate for the future we want.
    • In collaboration with the Boston Neighborhood Community Land Trust.

July 20th – Paying More with Less: Will Taxing the Rich Help?

  • After decades of prices being jacked up while pay stays the same, it’s starting to feel like things aren’t really trickling down. Let’s discuss the movement for a millionaire’s tax: what do rich people owe us? And why do we pay more of our income in taxes than they do? We’ll learn who this amendment affects; why it’s on the ballot; and when, how–or whether–to vote for it this year.
    • Massachusetts Campaign for the Fair Share Amendment

July 27th – Talk Back to Your Legislator!

  • Bring your ideas, questions, and, of course–soapboxes. In this workshop, we’ll reflect on our concerns as a community, discuss the importance of local city & state politics, learn more about the officials who govern our area, and ultimately craft a speech demanding action. Together, we will be encouraged to actively email, call, and meet up with legislators to support causes that inspire.


July 13, 2022


6:15 pm


Community Engagment


Kalli Hale

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