STARS Youth Program


To engage and  develop youth in Codman Square to strengthen their role and power in addressing community issues while simultaneously strengthening academics, raising self and group awareness, and increasing worldview and opportunities.

Program Description

STARS I:  Serves children ages 7 – 12 on a drop-in basis.
STARS II: Serves youth ages 13-18.

· Engages the youth of CSNDC’s multi-family properties and service area through after-school activities.
· Focuses on enhancing academic excellence, building self-esteem, and community involvement.
· Channels youth’s energy into positive outlets and helps them understand how their actions impact themselves and others.
· Creates safe spaces for youth to address issues that are important to them and their communities.
· Involves parents and volunteers in the planning and delivery of the program’s services.

STARS Homework Assistance

Codman Square NDC offers one-on-one tutoring with snacks provided!  Homework assistance is for students between the ages of 7-18. This program is for anyone who may need a little extra help in their studies.  This service is completely FREE. Whether your child(ren) need assistance completing homework assignments or a science project this program is for you.  Not only do we focus on homework help but we work with the participants to improve their reading, writing, critical thinking and math skills by way of worksheets. 
Homework assistance times and locations are as follows:
Mondays and Thursdays at Computer Learning Center (108 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA - Rear Entrance)
Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Girls Latin Apartments Community Room (380 Talbot Ave, Dorchester, MA)


Boys 2 Men is an all male group which meets every Tuesday for workshops and group discussions on topics such as: healthy relationships, self esteem, becoming active in the community and many more. The program also allows members to run their own T-shirt business that promotes saving the environment, civic engagement and anti-violence through Youth Venture.  The boys design t-shirts that contain positive messages which they sell to people in the community.  They also use the profits to hold Teen Nights throughout the year as a healthy safe way for their peers to have fun!    Boys 2 Men is currently up and running so apply now!


Girls Talk is an all girls group which meets every Wednesday for workshops and group discussions on topics such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, becoming involved in the community and many more. The program also allows members to create a business of their own that promotes anti-violence, breast cancer awareness, anti-drugs, and saving the environment.

If you are interested in any of the STARS Youth Programs please feel free to contact us

Kenny Mascary
(617) 825 4224 EXt.144
STARS Youth Specialist