Talbot Commons Phase II

the capstone project of the Talbot–Fairmount Urban Village––advances as it is growing with the recent purchase of the Callahan Building which will be included in the project. Only one more property remains for site assembly which when completed will offer more than 40 affordable July 17, 2013 co-op units.  This number of affordable units will be increased when rehab of the Callahan Building is completed and available for residency.  As the project builds out, beyond creating a significant number of affordable housing units, it will include community-oriented commercial space facing Fairmount Station, plentiful green space, a public plaza––the “commons” at the corner of Talbot and New England Avenue, a community function hall, and a cutting-edge eco-innovative “green” roof.

The Talbot–Fairmount Urban Village is a two-fold piece of planning that will:

• Implement eco-preservation as the project builds up and out.
• Create a community job hub on New England Avenue and the Woodrow and Southern Streets corridor.

The Project will further:

• Activate and inform participants and residents in the eco-innovation district along New England Avenue.
• Engage and involve community residents in the architect selection process for development of formerly church-owned properties in the TNT neighborhood.  These properties are slated for transit-oriented residential development as part of the Talbot–Fairmount Urban Village. 
• Respond to gentrification by maintaining affordable ownership options for people in the neighborhood and lead the way to anchor and provide opportunities for families in the Talbot–Fairmount Urban Village for mid-income home ownership.

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